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Customized Tax Efficient Portfolios

Direct Investing Via Separetly Managed Accounts

Embrace the next level of investment control with Direct Indexing via Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). Our team, comprising both seasoned financial advisors and tax professionals, has identified the best partners to tailor your portfolio, optimize tax efficiency, align with your values, and navigate transitions with precision. Discover the innovative strategies that make Direct Indexing an essential tool for the discerning investor, offering benefits beyond traditional investment approaches through our carefully selected collaborations.

Effective Tax Management

Purchasing individual securities allows for personalized control that supports wealth preservation and growth, rather than just reducing taxes.

Complete Customization

Unlike traditional index funds, you can customize your exposure to specific sectors, industries, or individual securities, allowing for a highly personalized investment strategy.

Factor Tilts

Strategically tilt your portfolio towards factors such as value, size, or momentum to potentially enhance returns or reduce risk in line with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Lower Taxes

Utilize Direct Indexing in SMA accounts to manage capital gains wisely and handle intricate tax scenarios, leading to an overall reduction in your tax obligations.

ESG Values Alignment

By selecting securities that meet specific Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, you can create a portfolio that not only seeks returns but also reflects your commitment to responsible investing.

Efficient Charitable Gifting

Strategically select which assets to donate to maximize the value of your contributions while enjoying potential tax advantages, turning generosity into a financially savvy strategy.

Tax-Efficient Transitions

Strategically realign assets within or between investment portfolios by focusing on the precise timing and method of adjustments to avoid unnecessary tax implications